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Anti-Fatigue Workmat - $79.96 each


(6) Rubbertrax Tiles

(7) Edges

(4) Corners

(L) 31.5" (W) 47.25" (H) .75

Oil-Dri (Oil Drip Pads) - 15.96 each

(L) 15" (W) 60" (H) .125

- Universal absorbent pad roll for absorbing liquid spills on land including water, oil, acids, bases, and unknown liquids

- Made of chemically inert polypropylene and bonded for strength

- Perforated in 10" increments for smaller cleanup jobs

- 3-qt. maximum absorption capacity per roll

Treadware Aluminum Edging - 70"

Aluminum - $27.96 each

Aluminum with Black Coating - $39.96 each

Great for designating specific areas and adding a polished look, as well as enhancing safety for users.

Park Right Tire Savers - $175.96 for set of 4

Even our accessories hold a 15yr. warranty!

Storing your vehicle for prolonged periods of time can cause permanent damage to your tires. The Park Right® Flat-Free Tire Savers are the solution to this problem. With the Flat-Free Tire Savers you can confidently store your car knowing that the tires will not get deformed. EASY TO USE - Simply drive your vehicle onto the Tire Savers and the Tire Savers will evenly distribute your tires’ weight. This will prevent the tires from going flat or deforming which ultimately is what causes permanent damage to the tires. WORRY FREE - With the Flat Free Tire Savers, you can leave your car as long as you want and you won’t have to worry about the tires again. HEAVY DUTY - These heavy duty polypropylene non-slip Tire Savers come in a set of 4 and each Tire Saver has a weight capacity of 5 tons. 

This product features extra traction enhancing rubber pads on the underside at the top and bottom of the Tire Savers.The heavy duty construction of the Tire Savers is illustrated by the underside which evenly distributes weight. These Tire Savers are built to last for years and years. *Warning: This device is designed to distribute tire’s weight to prevent deformed tires over prolonged periods of time. It is not designed or intended to stop a vehicle or tire from moving in any way.

(L) 21.65" (W) 14.2" (H) 3.6"

Parking Guide - $11.96ea 

Ditch the tennis ball! First modular parking guide on the market! Gain precise parking every time using only one guide per vehicle. Also, users can clip two parking guides together for vehicles with larger tires.

7 Year Warranty!

(L) 17" (W) 11.875 

32oz Bottle/ 4oz Concentrate - $14.95

Swisstrax Cleaner is a professional grade, heavy duty degreaser that rapidly cuts through and eliminates stubborn greases, oils, and grime buildup on contact. Its proprietary blend of emulsifiers penetrate and suspend oils, grease, dirt, soot and grime, for quick, easy, streak-free rinsing. Swisstrax Cleaner is solvent free, non-combustible, with low-VOc’s to be environmentally responsible and to create safer working environments. Swisstrax Cleaner is excellent for use on: walls, doors, and other water-safe hard surfaces, especially for industrial environments, machinery equipment, engines & tools, garage doors, bathrooms, vehicle washing, soot and nicotine stains.

Expansion Accessories $5.56+ each

Must be purchased when tiles are installed outside and in direct sunlight to avoid buckling in extreme temperatures. Swisstrax has thought of everything to keep your flooring looking like new for years to come!

Corners/ Edges $3 - $5 each 

These are the pieces you need for the entry into a garage and end a row of tiles.

(L )15.75” x (W) 2.75” x (H) .75”