Swisstrax Modular Flooring

Engineered in Switzerland - Made in USA

Premium garage flooring unmatched by any other flooring company. It's not just about a cool looking floor or a tough tile. Our products are engineered from the ground up to provide performance that leaves everyone else standing still. For over 20 years Swisstrax has earned its reputation as “The World’s Finest Modular Flooring” by consistently providing a superior product, design and experience. Garage flooring tiles are an investment. They transform your space by increasing safety, reducing fatigue, protecting your floor and reflecting your personal style. Cheap plastic tiles focus on delivering the lowest price possible and are prone to breaking, cracking and fading. We don’t focus on price per square foot, we focus on delivering interlocking tiles that last a lifetime with industrial grade design and materials. We stand by our products with a 15 year warranty!

Click on each tile for details and specifications: 

Ribtrax - 19 colors - $3.96 sq ft

Swisstrax created a premium tile for those who demand the ultimate protection. The strength and design of Ribtrax makes it perfect for any floor including garages, events, workshops, aircraft hangars, gym’s and patios in any climate. The advanced channel system allows drainage underneath each tile easy-to maintain floor impervious to staining, fading or harsh chemicals or fluids. You can easily remove dirt and debris with a high pressure hose or a shop vac. 

Diamondtrax - 9 colors - $3.96 sq ft

Commercial grade diamond plate flooring tile. Diamond plate flooring tiles are the perfect way to enhance the appearance any floor. The diamond like hardness and diamond-tread pattern provides traction and prevents slipping, increasing safety and traction.A classic industrial tile that’s eye-catching, etched to enhance friction, pearl blasted and very easy to clean. Mix and match colors or use with any of our other Swisstrax tile styles.Our best-selling solid tile. Install a custom diamond plate floor with no special tools, experience or adhesives. Unlike epoxy or floor paint there is no prep work needed.

Vinyltrax - 11 patterns available - $6.36 sq ft 

Vinyltrax is recommended for garages, dance floors, event floors, trade show booths, offices, stage floors, auto dealerships and more! The channel system allows drainage underneath each tile while the vinyl insert is impervious to staining, fading and chemicals or fluids.Ultra thick for extra protection, able to withstand up to 25,000 lbs of rollover weight and a compressive strength of 1250 psi.

Floortrax - 7 colors - $3.96 sq ft 

Our smoothest solid interlocking floor tiles, widely used indoors in offices and gyms. Its lightly textured finish creates a premium tile for mobility and protection. Floortrax modular floor tiles transform boring office, commercial, garage, gym and trade show floors. It has lightly textured surface allowing wheels and casters to easily maneuver and re-position.The smooth textured finish and polypropylene copolymer construction make Floortrax easy to clean and resistant to chemicals, acids, solvents, heat and UV rays. 

Turftrax - Turf Green Color Only - $5.56 sq ft

Eco-friendly turf and grass tile floor. The toughest turf tile or grass tile made with a recyclable, premium quality artificial turf insert within an interlocking Polypropylene base. Offering a lush versatility, the strength and design of Turftrax makes it easy to install and can quickly transform recreational areas, event floors, patios and more! Its also low maintenance. The channel system allows drainage underneath for an easy-to maintain floor impervious to staining, fading or harsh chemicals or fluids. 

Carpetrax - 3 colors available - $5.56 sq ft 

Premium carpet flooring tiles. It’s never been easier to install plush, premium carpet flooring for both permanent and temporary installations! Transform office areas, event floors, exhibit halls and more. Custom design, mix colors to create unique patterns or pair with any of our other tile styles to match your style or meet your specific environment’s needs. Carpetrax uses the same advanced channel system as our Ribtrax tile to allow drainage and airflow and paired with a premium 100% recyclable carpet insert.

Sportrax - 6 colors available - $3.96 sq ft

Superb multi-use sports flooring tile. Sportrax is an athletic surface floor tile made for sports applications – both permanent and temporary. It’s great choice for home gyms as an overall supportive athletic surface. It’s simple to design a full sports surface with boundary distinction thanks to the six unique colors. Sportrax is also available in Rubbertrax (call for pricing) for ultimate cushioning. The Sportrax advanced channel system drains underneath each sport tile for easy maintenance that’s impervious to staining, fading or harsh chemicals or fluids.